All of these American Cashmere products are 100% Made in Montana.  

The goats are raised here,
well-fed and happy. Cashmere comes from a goat with a double coat.  The coarse
outer guard hairs and the downy undercoat.  To get the cashmere, one has to get it off the goat.  That can be done
in one of  two ways; shearing, or combing.  I comb the cashmere off when the goats start shedding in the spring.    It
takes about an hour to comb a goat, depending on how thick the coat is.  If the timing is just right, it only takes one
combing to get all the undercoat.  Usually it takes at least two.
Then I have to "de-hair" it,  which is removing the outer guard hairs from the soft undercoat. After that is done, I then
spin it into wonderfully soft yarn and crochet it into original, luxurious accessories. Lots of time and love go into
each item.  It takes approximately 18 hours, give or take a couple hours, to make each item from goat to finished
product, not counting the daily feeding and maintenance chores on the goats themselves.

World-wide, real, top quality Cashmere is an expensive fiber.  The demand far exceeds the supply.  The goats only
produce a few ounces a year.  Usually 2 to 6 ounces of fiber can be recovered from each goat.
It takes the
average goat 6 years to grow enough cashmere to make a sweater!
"I absolutely love my
cashmere hat and
scarf..thanks Ann! They are
so beautifully made and fit
perfectly. I go to school in
Indiana so the
winters are pretty brutal,
but I was amazed at how
warm they kept me
even though they are so
light weight and stylish.
Many of my friends
have come up to ask me
where they can get one

Butler University, Indiana
Here is what some  customers have to say about Pine Needle Farm Cashmere!
"Ann,  I cannot tell you how
much I love everything.  There
was such beautiful detail in
the mitts and cowl.  I love
knowing that you made them
by hand with cashmere from
your own lovely animals.  
LOVE. LOVE them.  
Thank-you!  I simply abhor all
of the things manufactured in
China and elsewhere."

Lynn H.
Kalispell, MT
"Ann, I have been wearing the
mitts and cowls long enough
now that I just have to give
you some great feedback.
I find your mitts are much
warmer AND softer than the
foreign cashmere.  The
warmth factor is what has me
surprised.  The mitts are a fine
yarn, yet they are the warmest
mitts I have.  Same goes with
the cowls.  And softer, too, the
yarn is softer.  I'm absolutely

Peggy M,  
Berkeley, CA
All Items are Crocheted with 100% Pine Needle Farm Cashmere yarn, unless otherwise
noted.  Handspun in either natural colors or hand dyed.  
100% Cashmere cowl.  Handspun,
hand dyed, crocheted.  Nice, warm and
oh so soft!    29 inches around by 6
inches wide. $108.00
100% cashmere wrist
warmers.  Will fit wrists
from 6 to 8 inches around.
They will keep you warm in
the winter when you're in a
cooler office or other work
environment, or when you
are out and about on the
town. $43.00
If you would like to purchase more
than one item, please email me
and I will send you an invoice from
PayPal for the total.  Free shipping!
the US!