------- North American Cashmere is a soft and wonderful product -------

By buying "local" you know exactly what you are getting, where it comes from, and you are helping the North American economy.      North  American
cashmere goats are healthy, well taken care of animals with exceptional fleece!    
My prices might seem high in comparison to others, but when you take into consideration all the hours that go into creating these, they are a bargain!  From the time each day, twice a day, 365 days
a year, no exceptions, it takes to feed and care for the goats no matter what the weather, to the hours I spend in combing, hand dehairing after it returns from the mill, spinning, weaving, crocheting,
or needle felting each item,  these prices don't even cover my time involved in all of this.  It truly is a labor of love.  I love my goats, I love working with their cashmere, and I love being able to share it
with you, bringing you some of the joy I feel when I'm working with this wonderful, luxurious fiber.

Sure, you can buy the less expensive foreign cashmere coming into this country, knowing the actual herdsmen who own the goats are being exploited, getting paid pennies per ounce for their
cashmere, while the middlemen make the real money.
Or, you can buy from North American Cashmere farmers, who have just as good, or mostly better, cashmere than the foreigners.  We all
have been working for years to improve our cashmere, and now, continent-wide, we have some of the best cashmere available, most often
softer and stronger than the foreign cashmere.  Ours
isn't mass-produced, we send it to regional mills, where each bag of cashmere is treated with care.  We get back our actual cashmere that we spent a whole year producing.   The farmers who
raise the goats take great care of them, often naming each and every goat in their herd.  (Mine all have names)  So please take the time, and be willing to spend the money, to support  local
cashmere raisers who work hard every day taking care of their animals to provide some of the best cashmere in the world, on a smaller, sustainable scale.
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