True 100% top quality cashmere is rare and is worth every penny!

The cheap cashmere comes from goats that have been eating on overgrazed land and are hungry, which makes their fiber coarse and brittle.  However, North
American Cashmere is from happy well-fed goats that have outstanding fiber!  Please buy American, there are cashmere raisers all over North America with
fabulous cashmere products!  Remember, you get what you pay for...

------- North American Cashmere is a soft and wonderful product -------

By buying "local" you know exactly what you are getting, where it comes from, and you are helping the North American economy.      North  American
cashmere goats are healthy, well taken care of animals with exceptional fleece!    
               Why buy North-American cashmere?

  • 100% top quality cashmere

  • All from healthy, well-fed & happy goats

  • Supports American economy

  • Supports cashmere breeders from coast to coast

  • Will last a lifetime with good care
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